the perfect steak

We’re meat eaters in these parts, and, because our weather is suitable for grilling nine months a year (twelve if you’re a real diehard), we throw meat on the grill A LOT!  To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t always a griller.  Some of that was probably by virtue of the fact I spent the vast majority of my life in a climate where the grilling season was much, much, much shorter.  The other part was probably pure intimidation: the fear of not really knowing when the meat was done, or worse, the fear of cooking a nice piece of meat until it was mostly inedible shoe leather.

Over time, I’ve put aside those fears and do a lot of my cooking outside on the grill.  Thankfully, I’ve yet to produce anything remotely like shoe leather.  But I’ve always wondered if there was a better way to do steaks in order to retain even more of their natural moisture, yet still get beautiful grill marks that turn edible in to art!

If you’re from The Valley (Phoenix and beyond), or you’re planning to visit Phoenix, there’s a place you need to put on your “must eat” list: Tarbell’s Restaurant at 32nd and Camelback.  Mark Tarbell is an amazing chef and the food is spectacular.  As well as running the restaurant that bears his name, Mark also puts out the occasional video in a series called Kitchen Conversations.  They’re generally short (5 minutes or so) tutorials on various dining topics, from grilling and searing, to wine storage.  The video embedded below is one Mark posted back in September and will forever change how you prepare steak on the grill.  Take a few minutes and watch, if you can, then fire up the grill and your oven to cook steaks to perfection.  Enjoy!

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