must-have in the kitchen

While I’m on the subject of grapefruit…

…do you have one of these?  I don’t know how I’d survive without my grapefruit spoon.  Well, that’s probably an overstatement.  I’m sure I’d survive, I’d just labor over grapefuit and wouldn’t eat nearly as many kiwis.  Kat loves kiwis, so I peel them two, sometimes three, at a time.  I used to painstakingly peel their fuzzy little bodies with a paring knife, but there seemed to be so much waste and heaven knows there’s enough food waste when you’re feeding a child.  The grapefruit spoon was so obvious a tool I almost missed it.  Sort of like asking the stock guy at Trader Joe’s where you might find the Soba Noodles when you’re standing right in front of them.  It’s now my go-to tool for grapefruit AND kiwis.  Who knows how many more uses I might find for this lovely little spoon.


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