the kitchen is open

I’m not a cook.  In fact, most of my life I managed to avoid cooking for anyone but myself – which means I ate cold cereal for dinner after two hours at the gym…a lot.  I probably kept Kellogg’s afloat with my volume purchases of Special K Red Berries.

So why is a person who, admittedly, could eat nothing but Special K Red Berries and be perfectly content, writing about cooking?  Good question. See, life has a way of shifting gears; the stars align, surprises happen, and next thing you know you’re cooking for other people, including a child!!!!  Your repertoire expands exponentially.  Your confidence in the kitchen soars.  You find you really like cooking.  You find there is something intrinsically satisfying about playing with food and the sensory experiences accompanying a good meal.  Or better, a good dessert!

Whatever happened, I’m having fun with it and enjoying the challenge of preparing dishes made of whole ingredients – foods I know are healthy and delicious.  And, because I’m a compulsive amateur photographer, I love to photograph what I cook.  Zoup to Nuts allows me a spot to keep my recipes organized, post photos and other kitchen tips, and keep a running log of what we’re eating (and, sometimes, what we won’t be eating again).

So, it’s mostly for me.  If anyone happens upon the blog and feels compelled to read, or try a recipe, or comment, well…awesome.  Otherwise, it’ll at least give me a reason to clean up the ever-growing pile of recipes on my desk.

So, welcome!  The kitchen is open.


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  2. Hi Lisa,
    I was just perusing your blog and taking note of some of your recipes. I also noticed the Bells Oberon in a picture and references to Kellogg’s. Are you a fellow Michigander?

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